Dairy Free Toddler Lunch Ideas

Happy Monday!

My saint of a mother came over today so I could do my Thanksgiving grocery shopping sans kiddos. I expected crazy lines and packed aisles, but was pleasantly surprised by only slightly more people than the normal crowd on a Monday morning. Karl and I are hosting Thanksgiving this year and we decided to take on the full meal instead of doing the usual potluck style. I’m both excited and nervous! My plan of attack is to utilize the bread machine and crockpot, allowing for more space in the oven and stove top. Does anyone have any tips for maximizing kitchen space when cooking a big meal? Let’s hope the kids cooperate that day and give both Karl and I the most cooking time possible instead of having to take turns holding Raymond or appeasing Ricky’s many requests.

I have seen a lot of requests for lunch ideas lately on a few of the allergy Facebook groups I am a part of, so I figured I’d document our lunches last week. Dairy free lunches tend to be a little tricky to come up with since diary is a very common base for most kiddos! These are all free of dairy, egg, and nuts! They are by no means ground-breaking or particularly aesthetically pleasing, but they get the job done and are toddler-approved. Sometimes you just need to see someone else’s meal rotation in order to put some variety into your own!


Monday- Sunbutter & jelly sandwich, granny smith apple chunks
Tuesday- Silk soy yogurt, dried cherries from Gerbs, Rold Gold pretzel sticks
Wednesday- “Butter” noodles using Earth Balance and avocado chunks
Thursday- Applegate hot dog, clementine slices and an Enjoy Life cookie
Friday- Sunbutter and Ritz crackers, red pepper pieces, pretzels

Again, I know these aren’t crazy exciting, but they are solid options for quick weekday lunches!

Have a great week everyone and happy Thanksgiving!