Best First Birthday Gifts

Ricky still plays with many of the toys he received for his first birthday and with his second birthday fast approaching, I’m trying to come up with a list of gifts with the same sort of longevity. Alright, his birthday is just over two months away, but knowing that there will be a new baby before then makes me pretty confident that a birthday list will not be at the top of my priority list come September. So, while I troll the internet for 2nd birthday lists, I figured I’d provide you with my favorite gifts for a one year old!

First birthday gifts are tricky because a lot of kids are still in the early stages of walking/getting around and at a very transitional period in their interests and abilities. Keep in mind that whatever you get for a little one’s birthday does not have to be their favorite thing that week, or even that month! Most kids get the bulk of their toys at birthdays and Christmases, which means those toys need to last for a while and it is ok to get a toy that the little one might not be ready for quite yet. I like to stash away at least half the toys from holidays/birthdays and bring them out over several weeks, once current toys start to lose their appeal. So, here are some of our favorites that have stood the test of time (so far)!

Best Birthday Gifts for One Year Olds

First Birthday Gifts

Melissa and Doug Car Carrier– This toy has been a favorite of Ricky’s for at least 6 months. He first received the toy at around 15 months and didn’t show a ton of interest right away. Within a month though, this became a daily favorite. He loves to place the cars on the carrier, move it up and down, as well as play with the four little cars by themselves. The best part is that I don’t foresee this getting put away in storage any time soon.

Melissa and Doug Stacking Train – Stacking toys are great for toddlers and this is no exception. Ricky’s obsession with vehicles actually started with this little guy. He calls it his “chooch”- short for choo, choo, of course!

MegaBloks– MegaBloks First Builders legos are wonderful for encouraging creativity in little ones! Ricky and I have spent many hours playing blocks and if he gets sick of them after a few days of playing blocks all day, I put them away for a week or so and then get them back and his excitement is renewed. These are just a classic toy that will keep kids’ interest for many years.

Wooden puzzles– These are great for little hands and are guaranteed to last. There are tons of great options out there, but we really like Melissa and Doug sound puzzles, this shape puzzle, and this Janod dinosaur puzzle.

Lawn Mower (or other mini-me objects) – Kids at this age love to mimic mom and dad. Some of Ricky’s favorite mini-me toys are his lawn mower, mini Dyson (for real, you guys- kids seem to adore vacuums) and a kid-sized broom.

Fun Sippy Cup – This might seem like a silly gift since most parents have strong preferences for different types of sippy cups, but I assure you that they will be thrilled after you introduce them to this little beauty. Karl and I saw the Lollacup on Shark Tank (fave!) and had to try it! It is a little pricey compared to most sippy cups, but this is not your standard cup- they aren’t joking when they boldly state that the straw allows little ones to actually drink all the fluid in the cup. Having tried many cups, this is by far my favorite.

Riding Wagon – I’m a little obsessed with our wagon. It is awesome. Granted, we probably didn’t need the full blown “deluxe” model, but our parents spoiled us and I’m not complaining. I have no doubt that this thing is going to last through all the kiddos and it is a huge bonus that we won’t have to worry about upgrading to a bigger version as our family grows. If you have a little more sanity and aren’t planning on quite so many kids, you could probably get a slightly less obnoxious version 🙂 Either way, a wagon is great for a first birthday as it is right when a little one is starting to be able to ride around and they have a good amount of time (hopefully) before they start refusing to sit and want to walk on their own everywhere.