About Me


Welcome to my life as a stay at home mom. Living in the Metro Detroit area, my family and I do our best to keep things exciting (or at least not entirely monotonous) day after day.

My husband, Karl, and I met through my best friend, he is her cousin! Long before Karl and I met, I hoped to be married at 23 and have my first child at 25. Welp, turns out sometimes God doesn’t laugh at your plans, because that is exactly how it worked out. We started dating senior year of college, dated for a year, were engaged for a year and found out we were expecting our first child within a week of our first anniversary.  Always looking forward to the next stage of life, Karl and I seemed to be in a constant state of planning. Until now. Our goal since marriage was for me to eventually stay home full time with our children. After a 5 year career (can you call 5 years a career?) in market research, I happily transitioned to life at home full time with our son and little one on the way. Staying home with my children was always my dream job, but as it got closer to reality I started to question if I was cut out for this lifestyle. Ultimately deciding that this was best for our family, my husband and I decided to make the change, so now it is a matter of seeing exactly what life will be like day to day. Lucky for you, we’re going to figure this thing out together!

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A little background on the family. Karl works in IT and enjoys spending time with his family and friends. In his occasional free time, you can probably find him playing a nerdy video game or catching up on our favorite shows. He is an amazing dad and husband I truly don’t know where I’d be without him!

photo 2Ricky is 2, and amazing. He is a very thoughtful kid with a never ending curiosity. At 9 months Ricky was diagnosed with severe food allergies to peanuts, tree nuts, soy, dairy and egg. His food allergies were extremely difficult to navigate at first, but I feel as though I’m finally getting my bearings on how to best care for my little man. Sharing recipes* and tricks I’ve learned along our allergy journey thus far is a big part my reason for starting this blog, along with meeting others who have tips and tricks to share of their own!


Raymond is our littlest man. He is a super smiley baby and we can’t wait to see who he turns out to be as more of his personality develops!

To contact me, please email plannerspresent@gmail.com

*Keep in mind that all recipes were made with allergy friendly ingredients. As always, be sure to read the ingredient labels on any ingredients to be certain they are safe for you/your child

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