I’m Back!

I’m back! At least in some capacity. Ricky stopped napping around 6 months ago…right around the time these much-anticipated blog posts stopped rolling in. I know, everyone was devastated. I have certainly missed this creative outlet, but even more, I have missed the time to create! It is what it is and we are finding a new groove around here with our big boy, so I am going to do my best to update this a little more frequently than every 6 months. In the meantime, let’s catch up!

Ricky is 3 and Raymond is 1. We celebrated both boys’ birthdays over the late summer/early fall- it was wonderful! We had small family parties for each of them and it is so fun watching them both mature and react to having a special day all about them. We also traveled to Utah and Florida for two family members’ weddings! Both were gorgeous and yet, we were glad to be home at the end of each of the trips. Travel with two littles is not for the faint of heart.

Ricky also started school this fall- sort of. He is taking an hour and half class once a week at church and it has been wonderful. This is our version of a half-step before preschool next year. Thank goodness for Facebook allergy groups- they gave me great advice on how to make sure he was safe while in school. Although there is no food allowed in the classroom, I was worried about kids coming in right after eating eggs or nuts for breakfast. The best method for kids to clean their hands, from what I could glean from talking to my allergist and polling FB groups, is to use baby wipes upon arrival to the classroom. This way you avoid the hassle of taking kids to the bathroom to wash hands (which some people would skip, especially if their are younger children in tow) plus the teacher can monitor to make sure clean up is actually happening.

Here are a couple pictures in case you forgot what we look like!


I just snapped that with my phone set on top of a rock- impressive, right?! Just kidding! We had family pictures taken for the boys’ 1st/3rd birthdays.

Thank you all for reading and I promise to post some new recipes soon!

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