Nut Free Tiger’s Game

Our family went to a Tiger’s game a couple weeks back (delayed post, I know) and had an absolutely amazing time! The Tiger’s offer a “Peanut Friendly” game one weekend every year. They clean a few suites and sell tickets with special accommodations for families with nut allergies. Isn’t that wonderful? For those of you who have never been and are curious, here is the run down. The seats are all located in one of three suites that are thoroughly cleaned prior to the game. The suites are all open to each other and there are no assigned seats, so you can walk around and swap seats once you’re inside. They do offer food for purchase, but none with peanuts or tree nuts. Unfortunately for those of us with dairy allergies, there was lots of pizza in the area. You were also welcome to bring in your own food/drink, but they asked parents to not pack anything that could cause an allergic reaction, including nuts, dairy and eggs. The tickets include entrance through the Tiger’s Garage, which is typically reserved for season ticket holders. This was an especially nice touch for those individuals who want to avoid the concourse entirely. The event coordinator was extremely competent and helpful- we will definitely be taking advantage of these nut free games in the future!


We were so excited to take Raymond, and especially Ricky, to their first Tiger’s game. Raymond was a champ the whole time- just such a happy camper hanging out in the Solly wrap. Ricky had a blast! He was so excited the whole time and really enjoyed all the sights. We were comfortable walking through the concourse, but carried him the whole time since the ground is covered in peanut shells. His favorite parts were definitely meeting Paws and riding the carousal. Paws told Ricky (with hand motions, obviously) that he liked his sweatshirt and Ricky was pretty darn pumped about it. I was nervous leading up to the game, but I am so glad we went outside of our box. We were definitely cautious the entire time, eating only our own snacks and wiping down surfaces outside of the suite (I’m talking to you tiger carousal parked right in the middle of the food court and no doubt licked by some child after eating ice cream). Ricky’s face and excitement made it all worth it and it really was the best family day!

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